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Multi-Purpose Face and Eye Trio

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Multi-Purpose Face and Eye Trio

This brush trio with soft, synthetic hair and bendable handles, make these unique beauty tools a must have for easy and even application.

(From left to right)

Brow/Liner/Highlight: This brush is designed to shape and color the brow, highlight the cheekbone and to line the top and bottom of the eye. This multi-purpose shape will crate a soft, natural looking eye and give you the option to highlight and contour with precision.

Shadow/Concealer: The unique shape of this brush allows for easy blending and concealing. Place forefinger on brush head and apply light pressure. For under eye and nose coverage, use a side to side motion and corners of brush to cover hard to reach areas. Can be used for shadow blending and contouring.

Shadow/Blender: The round head with dense hair will add pigmented shadow to the crease and eyelid. Blend and sculpt to create a clean, even shadow finish. 

Not tested on animals