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Multi-Purpose Contour Brush

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Multi-Purpose Contour Brush

An all in one sculpting and framing brush for contour, color and highlighting. The super soft synthetic bristles and its unique shape make this brush a necessity for makeup application. This state of the art design for multi-directional blending uses its angles-tip bristles to fit into hard to reach creases of the face for a perfect finish. 

Contouring: Apply downward with highest point of the brush starting at the hollows of the forehead. Continue under cheekbone for contour. Stroke brush downward along bottom of jawline to create dimension in the face.

Highlight: Apply in upward motion along top of cheekbone to create a subtle shimmer and lifted cheekbone.

Blush/Bronze: Apply horizontally in an upward motion to cheeks to add even color.

Not tested on animals